Thanks to info received from Mike, AA6RR, the callsign appears to have been issued originally around 1950/51 to Paul G. Juric, 361 10th Street, San Bernardino, California. The call had lapsed by the end of 1954.
In digging around the American Cold War Vets websites, I found this reference:

“6 November 1951: While conducting an intelligence gathering mission, later claimed to be a "weather reconnaissance mission under United Nations command", a US Navy P2V-3W Neptune (BuNo 124283 - not 124284 as listed in some sources) of VP-6 was shot down over the Sea of Japan, near Vladivostok, by Soviet La-11 Fangs flown by I. Ya. Lukashyev and M.K. Shchukin. The Soviet pilots reported that they intercepted the aircraft in the area of Cape Ostrovnoy approximately 7-8 miles from the shore. After they fired on the aircraft, it fell, burning, into the water and exploded 18 miles from the shore. The crew of Judd C. Hodgson, Sam Rosenfeld, Donald E. Smith, Reuben S. Baggett, Paul R. Foster, Erwin D. Raglin,
Paul G. Juric, William S. Meyer, Ralph A. Wigert Jr. and Jack Lively were reported as missing.”

Could that be the same Paul G. Juric? It certainly looks that way, and would explain why the callsign lapsed so quickly after it was issued.
You can read more about Paul’s story

Paul 'Gus' Juric

Around 1967/68 the call was re-issued to Robert D. Ponsness, 354 Mercy St, Mountain View, California. 94040, who held it until 1973/74. He then appears to have moved to Spokane, Washington and later to have taken the call W7LTV. He went Silent Key in 1998.

If anyone has any more details - or believes that the info I have is incorrect - please do get in touch.